Vera Middelkamp

My name is Vera, and this year I will be the chairman of Nayade. After many years in synchronized swimming, I started playing waterpolo two years ago at Nayade, where I really enjoy playing in the first ladies team (Tsunami). Besides that, I am a third year Medical Sciences and Technology student. Also, it might be good to know that I am way to competitive both inside and outside the pool, but just as clumsy.  

Let's make this year sportive and lots of fun!  

Vera Bader

Hi! My name is Vera Bader, I’m 20 years old. Currently I am in my second year of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at the TU/e. This will be my third season at Nayade! After having swum competitively for quite some years, I have been convinced to join the waterpolo ladies last year! You can find me in the second ladies’ team; the Shiny Nimfs. You may recognize me already from some commissions such as the NACie! Moreover, I live in the beautiful Nayadehuis, with 10 other active Nayadianen! 

For this year, I will be your secretary. This means that I will keep you updated on all activities going on at Nayade, and you can always come up to me for any questions you might have. The 61st board is looking forward to make this an awesome year with a lot of activities and beer! So, lets go: ‘Nat en Rap, naar de Tap!’ 

Sanne Damhuis
Treasurer & PR and sponsorship

Hi everyone! My name is Sanne Damhuis, I’m 23 years old and live in Eindhoven. Currently i am in my third year of my study HR and psychology on Fontys. I am a new Nayade member, I always played tennis before I joined Nayade. I loved Nayade and the people right away so I thought it would be nice to join the board . I play in the second ladies team, called: Shiny Nimfs. And I am joining a couple of commissions, like: Tipcie and Plonsje.

I have the honour to take over the tasks from the previous treasure and the tasks for PR and Sponsorship. I hope to see you soon at drinks and trainings. 😊

Melissa Steggink

My name is Melissa Steggink, better known as Steffie within Nayade. I'm from the beautiful town of Hengelo(oo), but traded it in for Eindhoven a year ago! I have been playing waterpolo since I was a little girl. After having stopped playing the sport for a while, I picked it up again last year at Nayade. There I play with first ladies’ team (Tsunami). Besides waterpolo, I am studying MBRT (Medical Imaging & Radiotherapeutic Techniques). Currently, I am in my second year of the study. This year I get to fulfil the task of vice-chairman of Nayade! This means I will be taking care of all the merchandise and you will see me as a member of the activities committee (NaCie)! I hope to see you all at these activities!

Mees Bieling

Hi, I am Mees Bieling and this year I am your swimming secretary! I comefrom a deaf background and after transitioning to the ”hearing” world I per-severed to making connections with people despite my hearing difficulties.Youwill know me as a determined go-getter who is enthusiastically involved withthe student and sports association and its committees. For a while, I was look-ing for a way to develop fitness attitude. That’s when I discovered that sportsclubs do not only exist for sport, but also for parties and booze. I soon becameattached to the swimming club Nayade, and in order to spend more time withthe members of Nayade, I decided to do some board and committee work here.Currently I am studying a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence EngineeringSystems at TU/e and you can always drop by for a drink and learn sign language!

Kirsty Ros

Hello everyone! My name is Kirsty and I am 21 years old. I study Real Estate at Fontys University of Applied Sciences. I was born in the Randstad but moved to Eindhoven 2 years ago. I am really looking forward to getting to know Eindhoven without Covid-19. After all, I live in a nice student house less than 8 minutes from the Peppers. I immediately started playing water polo when I learnt swimming. However, I stopped when I was 18, e but luckily I was able to pick it up again. I'm currently playing in ladies 2 and I'm really looking forward to being in the water every week again. Next year I will be able to fulfill the role of Poloco. I am curious what this year will bring me and with all your questions about water polo you can come to me. See you in the pool or at the Peppers!