First ladies team - Tsunami

The first ladies team of Nayade plays 1st class district. This is the highest regional level and therefore water polo experience is a must to play with the first ladies team. We train every Tuesday (6:30 pm – 8:00 pm) and Thursday (6:45 pm – 8:45 pm) in the swimming pool of the Student Sports Center on the TU/e ​​campus. The training sessions are provided by Martijn Martens, a very experienced trainer who teaches the team many new tactics. During the matches we are assisted by our coach Jeroen van de Sar, an old Nayade veteran with many stories from 'the past' and a big heart for the sport, the team and the association.

In addition to these sporting activities, Nayade will of course remain a student team and we are not averse to a beer every now and then. A small impression of how we as Ladies 1 fill our weeks:

  • Drinking a pitch of beer in the cafeteria after training
  • On Thursday evenings this often ends in a good night out at Stratumseind
  • Of course we love team outings, such as Trap la Trappe (La Trappe beer tasting), BBQs or a day of carnival together.
  • Tsunami is often present at VriBo's (Friday afternoon drinks/activities organized by a group of enthusiastic members) and other Nayade activities, such as the association weekend
  • After the game, the weekend is often well celebrated in the Nayadehuis with the rest of the water polo teams
  • At the end of the season, we will participate in the GNSK with as many ladies as possible. This stands for Great Dutch Student Championship and this is a big tournament with many other student sports teams from all over the Netherlands.

In addition to sports activities and fun, studying also remains an important part of student life, and there is simply room for that. At Nayade you will meet many other students, so a great way to make new friends and share experiences!  

If you have any questions left, send an email to can also take a look at our instagram page

At the moment, the first ladies team is represented by:

No. 1: Mireyla Klokgieters

No. 2: Melissa Steggink

No. 3: Gizing Khalandi

No. 4: Lisanne Haazen

No. 6: Lianne Tuin

No. 7: Tess Kolkman

No. 8: Melissa Niemantsverdriet

No. 9: Anne te Stroet

No. 10: Iris de Roij (c)

No. 11: Vera Middelkamp

No. 13: Elise van Deudekom

View the schedule, the results and the position of the first ladies team:

Teamfoto seizoen 2021-2022

Teamfoto seizoen 2019-2020


Team weekend naar Zeeland

Wedstrijden / Nayade toernooi / GNSK