Nayade has different committees. Almost every activity has its own committee. If you are interested in joining one of the following committees, you can send an email to and if multiple committees sound appealing, then send all of them to our secretary! We will then look which committee is the best option for you.

The NaCie is the activity committee from Nayade. Every month they organise an activity for the entire association. The NaCie is a good committee for people who would like to get to know the association and ideal for everybody who likes a cold beer. 

Nayadianen aren’t just good at Waterpolo and swimming, but also at drinking! Therefore we have a great connection with HUBBLE. With a couple of Nayadianen we bartend a few times a month to help HUBBLE. The number of shifts is different each month, and you don’t always need to bartend when there are Nayade shifts. Would you like to help Nayade bartend at HUBBLE and enjoy drinks in the meantime? Then sign up quickly for the TIPCIE and we will see you soon!

Nayadianen aren’t just quick in the water, they have proven to be very fast on the land as well! Every year Nayade competes in the Batavierenrace. This is the largest relay race in the world. 175 kilometres, divided over 25 people, supported by loads of beer! 

In order to organise all this, we have the BataCie. This committee makes sure everything goes according to plan, from subscription to the finish line!

Plonsje committee
The Plonsje is our association magazine, filled with nice stories, pictues and other diamonds. The committee makes sure no good story is lost and all beutiful quotes and gossips can be shared with the entire association.

NSZK/ONKS committee
Every year five swimming competitions are organized for all swimmers (and waterpolo players) in different student cities around the Netherlands.  The event is  spread  over  three  days,  first  on  Friday  you  have  a  warm  up  with  a  pre-drinks,  the  day  after  that  there  is  competition  swimming  with  food  cateringand closing party afterwards.  NSZK is organized four times a year,  this year E.S.W.Z.V.  Nayade  will  organize  an  ONKS,  this  is  an  open  competition  forall students where the membership of a swimming association is not required. 

NSWK committee
Nayade is affiliated with the Foundation. This foundation is the umbrella organization of student swimming associations in the Netherlands. Every year, the foundation selects other student associations to organize the NSWK. An accessible waterpolo tournament is organized at 4 different places in the Netherlands, with of course an amazing party.

Nayade-tournament committee
Nayade strives to organize the coveted Nayade tournament every year. This committee ensures a beautiful tournament followed by a big party. The Nayade tournament is internationally known as a fun tournament where waterpolo is also played at a high level.

Every year Nayade organises a club championship. Nayadianen compete for coveted prices. Not only during the club championship you can win points, you can also get points for presence at training.

Lustrum committee
Every 5 years, Nayade celebrates its lustrum! During a lustrumyear, the lustrumcommittee organises some great activitites for all members. These activities vary from a beercantus, to a gala and a lot more! Moreover, a lustrumbook will give you a beautiful overview of the last 5 years.