The NSZK, THE student swimming competition in the Netherlands. Compete for the coveted prizes against our sister associations from other student cities! There is a pre-drink for every NSZK, where you can warm yourself up before the game. The next day, after the competition, all sister associations eat together. After that, you have to change quickly to match the theme of the party! Saturday night 00:00 is the moment of truth. How well have we swum and where are we now in the rankings? After that, it's either celebrate the win or drown the losses and crawl back home.
Do you think this sounds good? And do you want to represent Nayade? Then sign up on the board as soon as the swim commissioner has put up a new form.

The schedule for next year can be found here. For the current standings you can go to the website of the NSZ..

NSZK I08-10-2021Nijmegen
NSZK II 10-12-2021Rotterdam
ONKS 25-02-2022Wageningen
NSZK III15-04-2022Amsterdam
NSZK IV03-06-2022Enschede

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