Technique group

Do you want to learn how to swim freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke or even butterfly? Come to our technique group! On Monday and Wednesday there is trainer who can teach you to swim better. Through exercises and coaching you learn to swim better, more efficient and faster. You can come by and see if this is for you. You can find the training times here.

Competition group

Do you already know the basics of swimming and would you like to continue to swim during your stay in Eindhoven? Join the competition group at Nayade! We swim on Mondays and Wednesdays under supervision of two trainers. They give goal oriented training based on your personal planning. The level within Nayade is really broad, so you will always fit in. Nayade participates in competitions especially made for students. You don't need anything else to participate. After the training we have a drink together, because conviviality is the most important part. Training times can be found here.

Morning group

Are you a fanatic swimmer and want more than two training opportunities a week, do you want to become a better swimmer or do you enjoy it to wake up early? Come and join the morning group on Tuesday and Thursday morning! Together with a coach you can swim in the early hours of the day. With a small group of fanatic swimmers the swimming speeds are high and the sleep level is low.