With Ladies 2 van Nayade we train every Tuesday (6:30 pm – 8:00 pm) and Thursday (6:45 pm – 8:45 pm) in the swimming pool of the Student Sports Center on the TU/e ​​campus.e Under the guidance of Jeroen and Anjo, who both already have a lot of water polo experience, we train hard to get better every week. On Saturday we play in the 3rd division district competition. As a student team, we naturally like to have fun and have a drink from the team pot after the game, but in the game we all go for the win.

Outside the water we also do plenty of fun things with the team, such as drinks and nachos in the canteen after training or competition. We also have team outings, we are present at Nayade activities, we go out on Stratumseind ​​or we have a drink in the Nayadehuis. Furthermore, we are of course shining everywhere in our team shirts.

So are you going to study in Eindhoven, or are you already studying in Eindhoven and do you want a really nice student time? Do you like swimming, team spirit and fun? Then come and strengthen the second ladies team!

At the moment we are with 10 ladies, namely:

  1. Tina Dijkhuizen
  2. Vera Bader
  3. Aimée Jacobs
  4. Annerose de Groot
  5. Eline Karczewski
  6. Babette Stok
  7. Marloes Breuker
  8. Anne Dotinga
  9. Kirsty Ros
  10. Sanne Damhuis

For the second ladies team we are always looking for new ladies who want to come and play or train with us. Do you already have some water polo or swimming experience? Then come and train with us! If you can't really swim yet, it is useful to first get your swimming technique in order with the swimmers at Nayade. After that you are always welcome to come and train with us. If you have any questions or want to train with us, you can email to bestuur@nayade.nl or directly to the second ladies team: nayade-dames2@googlegroups.comDon't forget to take a look at our Instagram: Instagram account!

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