Nayade is the oldest student swim & water polo association in the Netherlands, and is one of the bigger student sport association in Eindhoven. Besides swimming and water polo, we also offer a lot of conviviality.
At Nayade, every level of athlete is welcome. We have beginner groups in both water polo and swimming. However, with the possibility to swim four times a week, the more advanced swimmers can also train at their level. There are four water polo team within Nayade, two men teams and two women teams. They all play in the Dutch competition at different levels. The swimmers compete in the Dutch Student Swimming Competition, where they always aim for a podium place. With different sorts of membership, from just training to a complete water polo season, there is something for everyone. Our secretary will happily explain more! You can email her at

Besides the matches, there are different committees within Nayade who organize activities for all the members. There are traditional activities as well as spontaneous activities. Some of the traditions are the eat relay race, the cocktail/beer tasting, the Batavierenrace, the Kuildag and the GNSK. All in all, becoming a member of Nayade guarantees a sporty and moreover a fun time in Eindhoven! You can come to our swimming pool and join a training, or go to the bar at the sports center to see what Nayade is all about!